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After a long time without writing a single thing in here, I gotta confess:

DA first pages just stinks.

Seriously... rarely you can find something that really worthy of attention. Some times, there's just some ass-kissing fellas hunting for some "likes".

Anyway... kinda lost my hopes on DA. Even de DDs are going down in quality. DA is not DA anymore... its becoming Orkut or Facebook with draws.

There are really good artists in here. But it seems that they are eclipsed by idiotic manga stuff or punny furry kittens and foxes in pokeballs.

Yeah, I'm pissed.
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Hey... whu sup?

Well... I got sum troubles to solve and my time is actually very short. Lil' time to keep my DA account updated, but, soon - I do promisse -  I'll get back to normality.

Sorry fellas. :P
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Yeah... some time without changin' a thing around here. Well... many long and confuse days passed. It's time to move on, boys and girls.

But an advice: don't waste time with the past. Soon you will realize that you are just chasin' ghosts and killin' dreams.
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Ok, now I'm off with it.
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Well... first time I got some real ca$h to buy some art of my wishlist, and DA just brings me a problem. Now, I just dunno if I'll get a charge in my bank account for a failed transactions and all... god dammit.

Maybe, if everithing turns right, I'll try it again someday...

:iconmarcsimonetti: will have wait some time for his ca$h. XD
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Yeah... kinda crazy days.

First of all, Frazetta dies. -5 morale penalty.
Second, I just got my 1st kÿu degree (the one that preceedes tha black belt!) in aikido! +2 morale bonus.
Third, finally I managed to get my hands on a PS3! HELL YEAH!!! +1 morale bonus.
Forth, just discovered that Dio died too. another -5 morale penalty.

Man... the gods are playin' with our hearts these days...
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Yeah... this is indeed the end of an era. The kings are falling. The dreams are lost.

For the ones who doesn't already know, Frank Frazetta just passed today.

Good luck, dude. Better tastes in the other side.
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What tha...?

Thats what I said when I openned DA today when I see that my avatar has been changed by an idiotic couple with a "YAY!" Team Seeker" frase. Than, I realized that EVERYONE AROUND has been transformed! Like a zombie infestation!

Damn the "April's Fool Day"...
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Hell yeah, baby!

It's done and already presented. It got a really good reception by the judges and by the listeners. Now, I'm really proud of all the results and effort. It "eaten" so much of my time that I don't even remember when I did started it.

Anyway... I'll be postin' all tha stuff round here on the next few days. If u like my work, probably u will like this too. ;D

Some explanations:

My Graduation Conclusion Work (here called "TCC") was based in a redesign proposal in tha Dungeons and Dragons animated series, created in tha 80's. I'd specially focused in tha character design cus' its my favorite ilustration/design area and I do hope to keep on goin' in my life with this type of work. Basically, my focus was inthe main characters - the eleven - that appears to be more relevant to tha animation. And they are: Hank, Bobby, Diana, Sheila, Presto, Erick, Uni, Venger, Dungeon Master, Shadow Demon and Tiamat.

Hop u guys like it. ;D
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Hell yeah...

Well, after some days sufferin' a lot to "stabilize" a character design, I'm finally free. My abstinence from cigarretes keeps killin' me and some jobs too... aw heck! Many things this times!

Anyway, thats not tha reason of this log. I'm here to talk about a incredible stunt I did some days ago. Really dunno how I came alive after that, but I'm still here (well... I think...?).

In Brazil, the beggining of the year is quite rainy, and so it was that day. I was runnin' like hell to get my ass out of it, escapin' under fake-roofs and that kind of stuff as I was goin' to my house. The rain was preety bad, a fierce wind blowin' up... it was like a hurricane!

Obviously, as a brazilian, I NEVER saw a hurricane. But I can figure it out.

So... as I crossed a street just some blocks far from home, something grabed my arm. A girl! And she was so scared about all that blazzin' hell that she was almost cryin'! So, tha "paladin inside" came on and I used my t-shirt as a windshield for her, as both of us run through that.

To be short: tha girl just wanted to come close to me to get my wallet and run!!! When I figured that out, tha chase started. As a tall guy, I quickly come by her, but... well... As do her "friend".
With a big silvery shotgun in hands, he just looked at me and said: "go and be happy for just loosin' ur wallet." Ok.

End of log.
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After lots of critiques in my colorin' techs by my tutor, a lot of things changed in my mind.

U know... I think that enlightenment comes with a lot of misses and flaw-takin' actions. After receiveing all her critiques, my first tought was "bah! she's a f*&$#@ b=@ª*!!! I'll not listen to her!" And so I persisted through' my own way.

Well. Days passed. I keep lookin at my things and realized that tha digital painting "overwelmed" my "flavor". And that was sad. Trully enough.

So... I came back to her, asked for forgiveness and all, studied strongly her tips and finally made something that make me happy. :)

Thats what I had to tell. Listen to critiques. Even the worst and cruel-like ones. They might hurt u bad, but scars make ur skin harder.

Ending Log.
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Well... workin' a lot recently. I'm havin' a good time paintin' Tripped But Not Dead, which is takin' a lil' longer than I expected. But... it's good, u know? I'm learnin' a lot.

Anyway. Tryin' to figure out sumthin' for my Course Conclusion Work - or TCC, as we call here. I dunno, really. So much things passin' through my head and none seems to stop by for a coffe. :/
Sadly enough, I'm keepin' my mind really opened to new things. Let's see what happens now.

Enough talk.
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Hello, DA fellas. Well... some days ago, durin' my "investigations" - read "studies" - inside DA I found a incredible talented girl: :iconvmbui:

And... wow. "WOW", I said, really loud to be more especific. Fantastic things... so much to learn! And she evolved in a small space of time. A shard of life!

Anyway... readin' her jornal to know a lil' more 'bout, i discovered a secondary jornal, where she made a proposal: to talk about something - anything, a story, a secret, a confession, a phobia, a sickness, a love, a truth, a lie, a question, a wish. Well... so I did. :D

And really liked the result. Here it goes:

"I do have a story
of a secret confession
about phobia and sickness.

Its really full of love,
truths and lies.
So I do you a question:
do you wish to hear my sin?"

A lil' joke with your task :D

A small joke with her words.
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Well, hello again, my friends. Even this becomin' a lil' predictable, I'm back after a long pause in DA. But... I got some new stuff.

You know, the chronicles taken much of my time and I stopped at the 6th. A nice number, indeed. Maybe I'll put them here someday...

Anyway, I'm now workin' in a project with a roleplaying games group as ilustrator and all as well with the Quilombo Project.

A few more bucks... a few more headaches... but it fits me well...

Wish me luck!
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Well... I keep vanishin' from DA. But i got my motivations... so... I will start from the beggining...
So, I was wondering some days ago about finding some new inspirations for me. Nothin' found for a time. Plenty time wasted lookin' by the window, drinkin' beer and wine. So... I found a book in a bus. It's called "Tales of Ordinary Madness", from Charles Bukowski. Grabbed it in a push and pass my eyes on it.

Great stuff. Indeed.

And now I'm writin' chronicles based on my experiences. Well, partially. Some "imagination" gives it a lot more, well... "taste".

So, my drawings are in a second plane now. Well, hope for not too long. But I keep my cigarretes, my beer and my wine at hand so, at any time, something will come here.

Aw, for the curious: not workin' any more. The hate consumed me after that cookie episode...

Wish me luck!

Ending log.
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Heh... long time no see...

Ok... I was wonderin' if anyone here ever passed for long-workin'-damn-times (the answer is obvious... *duh!). Anyway... after some part-time jobs and freelance stuff, I finally managed to get some time for continue my studies and all. Hope I can put some here... there's some new stuff... :D

Endin' this log... workin' for cookies is a bad idea. Never do it. I do repeat: NEVER DO IT!

Wish me luck...
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Hello hello, DA fellas!
Well... after some studies, a bad sad time and all, I'll think that I'll start with anime/manga works here. I'm not very good at this, but I do have some works in this type of draw. Well... wait a lil... scans come and go in my life... :D
Anyway... all motivated by an anime that I pick a look these days: Gantz. I think its a bit old - and violent, but I really like the idea (but not the ending...). And the op music - wich I'm listenin now - is superb! :D
Er... thats it.
See ya! I'm not askin' for luck wishes this times. I'm feelin' lucky... :D
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Well... I really know that keep writin' journal updates is quite a pain in the ass for u all that receives tons of messages and all, but... I really NEEDED to speak this out...
Walkin' by DA galeries, I found some good works of a girl and started lookin at all her things... u know... I had a fellin' that she was a god person to know.
Anyway... so I started to read about her... she was very excited about a travel and all... "cool thing", I think.
So... there was the comments. After the second one (I think), someone wrote that she had died.


I dunno why... that hit me bad. I looked at her works and... "gosh... this is it.".
Maybe I'm overreactin' a lil', but... it was an odd thing.

Yup. Thats it, dudes. Wish me luck and pray for her. :(

>> Visit her gallery here: :iconcherigirl:
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Hello again, dear DA fellas. Commin' up again with some things...
Well... I'm quite busy right now, and my artwork here is a lil' un-updated (does this term really exists?!)... U know... I'm workin' real hard on Quilombo projects and goin' well so far. A good cash prize is keepin' me happy and so...
Anyway. This days I'm workin a lil' more my colorin' skills. I know that I'm not too good at this, and heard someone even sayin' to restart my photomanip' works and all... SORRY!!! NO WAY!!! :D
I got my priorities...
Keep a look in my gallery this month... new things showin' up soon... :D
See ya! And wish me luck...
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Well, here am I again... and these are strange times indeed...

Well, first of all, I managed to get some cash!!! Yup... as odd as it can looks, a old friend came at my door and asked about some draws. Then, I created "Frightful Disease". He loved it and i got some bucks. (A note about the "Frightul Disease" submited here... I think that the ver.1 looks a lot more cool than the ver. 2, but it got only 4 - until now - visitors?! Am I a dumb that don't recognizes my own best stuff?!)   

Anyway... days passed and this friend comes up again. He wants me to make a poster to a great show thats goin' to happen here! MATANZA, one of my favorite bands!!! Way to go! :D

With the winds of destiny coming through my window, I only wait that everything goes well.

Well... hope I finish the promised pieces and all.

Wish me luck!